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"David Leonhart is a creative soloist and an intuitive and sympathetic accompanist."

Bill Falconer,

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Tim Blangger
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With his 1993 recording, "Departure," Easton-area pianist Leonhardt helped establish his credentials with the public, cluing people into what musicians - especially the ones working in New York City clubs- already knew. "Reflections" should further that educational process, and, best of all, it is a trio recording, a format most pianists, Leonhardt included, prefer. "Sao Paulo Samba" and "Winnipeg Blues" were both highlights of Leonhardt's recent Lafayette College performance with Gary Bartz, Tom Harrell, Ray Drummond and Lewis Nash and make the transition to tri and the recorded medium as well. In the liner notes, Leonhardt writes that many of these tunes were recorded on the first takes; that freshness comes across. Peter Washington is the bassist here and Nash does the drumming. Leonhardt did all 11 arrangements and wrote most of the tunes, except three standards and Miles Davis' "Solar."

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