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In The Moment
Steven Loewy
All Music Guide to Jazz
Nov 29, 2005

Leading a tight, well-rehearsed trio through a mix of originals and well-known pieces from the modern Jazz repertoire, pianist David Leonhardt once again shows why he is so well regarded among his peers. Best known for his Jazz for Kids concerts (which he has documented on disk), the pianist quietly pursues his craft with a loving touch, producing some very fine results. Leonhardt is not a showman on this recording, but a thoughtful, gracious soloist, one who exudes good taste with nearly every phrase. He is helped considerably by bassist Tony Marino and drummer Taro Okamoto, each of whom seems to fit perfectly in the pianist’s world. Leonhardt exudes confidence without conceit: He knows where he is going and he plays with a directness that sucks in the listener. If he is not innovative it is because he is not trying to be: his performances are imbued with order, a sort of ontological certitude. The results are enjoyable and swinging music that does not call attention to itself, the sort that can serve as relaxing background fare. Influences such as Bill Evans, Tommy Flanagan, and Cecil Walton come to mind, as Leonhardt pursues a vision that while not overly ambitious, achieves a level of sophistication and emotion that is not entirely common, the kind that is perfect for late night listening, with the lights turned low.

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