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"Gershwin when played as lovingly as David Leonhardt surely is welcome."

Mark Corroto,

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Jazz For Kids
Karl Stark
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Apr 24, 2003

Many parents would love to find a way to interest their children in jazz. But strong action could have the opposite effect. Easton, Pa., pianist David Leonhardt solves this dilemma by assembling a set of familiar tunes, such as the traditional “This Old Man” and TV’s Flinstones theme, and putting a jazz kick to them. It helps that Leonhardt picks the services of tenor saxophonist Larry McKenna, whose smooth and dreamy style ranks as one of the region’s cultural assets. Singer Nancy Reed, drummer Tara Okamoto, and bassist Tony Marino help create a set that swings without condescending to its young audience. More overt humor might have helped here. The good thing, though, is that more mature folks may treasure this if the intended audience sniffs at it.

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