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"He has a sensitivity and ease that puts him in the same category as Kenny Barron and Roland Hanna."

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Andrzej Pilarczyk
The Source
Feb 24, 1999

When incredible pianist David Leonhardt's Trio took part in last year's "Lake George Jazz Weekend," he galvanized the audience into waves of applause and a standing ovation! Departure, on Big Band Records, finds Leonhardt's adventurous spirit launching a musical journey past the stereotypical labels associated with music. The seven originals and three rearranged standards showcase the impressive piano mastery of this musician's musician. Through his many years as both a pianist and an arranger, with jazz vocal legend, Jon Hendricks and saxophonist, David "Fathead" Newman, among other notables, Leonhardt has emerged with a phenomenal recording. Assembling an all-star crew, including trumpeter Eddie Henderson and trombonist Robin Eubanks, David presents a mature and serious outing worth seeking out.

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