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"Leonhardt himself enchants me."

William Livingstone,

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Jazz Music Fulfills David Leonhardt
Todd Dawson
The Express Times
Apr 12, 1999

Time is precious to David Leonhardt. Not only does there seem to little of it for the multi-talented jazz pianist, arranger, and composer, but it's also at the heart of both his playing and his latest recording.

As with the best of jazz musicians, Leonhardt, who's been playing more than a quarter of a century. relies on emaculate timing as his hands float over the keyboard like a hushed breeze. When he plays such gems as "The Very Thought Of You" or the haunting "If You Never Come To Me" his notes linger, the space between them long enough for deep sighs and kisses. It's playing with studied passion and measured grace.

On his latest album "A Time For Love" Leonhardt is paired with jazz stylist Nancy Reed whose vocals have a timeless quality, rich and full like a dark burgundy. Together the two cover classic love tunes with spare arrangements that emphasize Reed's burnished vocals and Leonhardt's lithe and supple playing.

Listening to the 14 cuts of "A Time For Love" as Reed's Voice and Leonhardt's playing seem to fuse together, It is hard not to believe that the time is right for David Leonhardt. Certainly the time is right for jazz fans seeking a musician who loves his craft.

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