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"Pensive, sultry, mellow jazz, played boldly"

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A Time For Love - piano and vocal duets
Cadence Review of Jazz & Blues
Sep 1, 1998

Nancy Reeds reminds me of Jeri Southern. She sings with the same sort of sweetness and deceptively obsessive reticence. David Leonhardt's alternatively rhapsodic, rococo, and/or yielding accompaniment proves to be a perfect setting for her clear, cool vocals. The lady's pitch and enunciation are clear and true. Her phrasing may lack a certain daring, but since she's staked her claim on the cabaret side of the cabaret/jazz divide, it's a more than adequate modus for the earnest conveyance of the stories she spins. If I should be so lucky as to stumble into a piano bar with these folks purveying songs, I'd stay till closing, then hide in the john until they reappeared the next night.

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