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Plays Cole Porter
Pierre Giroux
Audiophile Audition
Sep 26, 2012

William McBrien in his biography of Cole Porter quotes Walter Clemons on Cole Porter: ”The complexity of Porter’s best work sets him somewhat apart from the other great songwriters of the first half of the century…a Porter song is a luxury item, expensively made and extravagantly rhymed.” It is not surprising then, that almost every jazz and pop artist has recorded at least one Porter tune and others, such as Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson, devoted entire albums to all of Porter’s songs.

The two songs which offer the most interest are those which bracket the song list, namely “Love for Sale” and “Get Out Of Town”, both of which are done by the trio of Leonhardt, Parrish and Wells. In the case of the former, the tune features some interesting time signatures, and then there is the straight-ahead version of the latter song. Leonhardt’s playing in both cases is exemplary as he covers the keyboard with devilish fashion and flair.

Joining the trio for five instrumental selections is saxophonist Larry McKenna who hails from Philadelphia. Although his playing is agreeable, “I Concentrate On You” is nicely delivered. While the arrangements and production values provided by David Leonhardt are first rate.

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