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"In the liner notes, Leonhardt writes that many of these tunes were recorded on the first takes; that freshness comes across."

Tim Blangger,
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Plays Gershwin
Herb Young
International Association of Jazz Record Collectors
Nov 29, 2005

The Gershwin album comes to us with a beautiful read (no pun intended) of all these

well known and loved tunes. Jazz musicians have used them well for many years and

in many styles. The Eddie Condon records for Decca in the early 1940's come to mind.

This compact disc can rank up there with the best of them. Nancy Reed needs to be

mentioned for her strong vocal efforts and her feel for the music. She really "sells" each

tune she sings. The instrumenalists are also well atuned to the music. If this particular

CD needs a classification one could call it modern mainstream although who needs

such a description for finally music is either good or bad and this one is very good.

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