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"“The David Leonhardt Jazz Group has been gaining notoriety in New York for the pianist’s swift hands and the way he draws the music out of the instrument”"

Stephanie Trottier,

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  Vol #6 Metal On Wood
David Leonhardt Trio

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The Tap dance series. A great collection of familiar songs and vamps with different grooves and tempos. Some Latin, a five four rhythm, swing and blues too! Perfect for tappers!
1. All Of Me
2. Teach Me Tonight
3. Wave
4. I Want To Be Happy
5. Take Five
6. Emily
7. Slippin' Down
8. Stella By Starlight
9. Shell's Vamp
10. A Foggy Day
11. It Had To Be You
12. Blues For Alice
David Leonhardt-Piano
Matthew Parrish-Bass
Taro Okamoto-Drums

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